Canine Diabetes Wiki

00117 GThese resources will help you with your diabetic dog.

General information[]

Some tips and information here canine diabetes caregivers can use too.

Note that he advises pet owners to learn everything they can about diabetes in both humans and animals.

In other languages[]

  • Google provides webpage translation for many languages. Enter the URL of the page to be translated. It does a good job with the medical/technical terms used in diabetes. There's also a place on this page to paste text to be translated. Google also offers toolbar downloads which do this, no matter where you are on the web. Download is also at this link.
  • Alta Vista's Babel Fish Translations By URL or copy and paste, it translates Chinese, Dutch, French, English, German, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Italian and Spanish.




E-mail lists[]

Emergency Help[]

Financial assistance[]

United States and Canada[]

  • Care Credit [1] offers no interest and extended payment plans for medical treatment fees (including veterinary fees) at participating providers.
  •, [2] an Internet-based animal welfare organization, offers financial assistance in certain sitations.
  • The Muffin Pet Diabetes Group [3] offers some financial help and donated supplies, in addition to their e-mail support group. New members are welcome.
  • American Animal Hospital Association's Helping Pets Fund [4] is a grant to pay for care your vet must apply for on your behalf.
  • Frankie's Friends Hope Fund [5] works similarly (applied for by your vet).
  • The Pet Fund [6] helps with treatable conditions; either the caregiver or the veterinarian is able to apply for this.
  • United Animal Nations' [7] LifeLine grants can help pay for necessary care.
  • Brown Dog Foundation [8] will help those with veterinary bills in TN but will help those outside of TN with medication expenses and if disaster strikes.
  • Angels4Animals [9] will help if you can't afford needed treatment.
  • HelpAPet [10] provides financial assistance to pet owners who are unable to afford the cost of veterinary services, medicine, or medical supplies for a sick or injured pet.
  • Jake Brady Memorial Fund [11] provides financial support to companion animals in need for the prevention and treatment of major health ailments.
  • Tails of Hope [12] underwrites the cost of veterinary care for companion animals suffering from cancer or other life-threatening diseases whose owners cannot afford to pay for such care.
  • Vet-I-Care [13] is a non-profit foundation committed to helping families secure the resources required to provide much needed specialty and surgical care for their pets.


  • PDSA [14] For those in the UK who need help with their pet's medical care, PDSA (Peoples' Dispensary for Sick Animals) is a charity that is currently helping over 350,000 animals in need.
  • The Blue Cross[15] also helps those in need.
  • RSPCA[16] has hospitals and clinics throughout the UK helping those in need.