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Causes of Vomiting in Dogs
Fluid loss routes

Fluid is lost from the body by breathing/panting (insensible), normal urination or polyuria, (urinary), and normal bowel movements or diarrhea (fecal). They're called sensible losses because they can be easily detected and measured. Vomiting fits into the sensible category and when it's severe, dehydration can take place.

When vomiting occurs, it is possible to have dehydration [1] and/or possible hypoglycemia. [2][3][4]. Some of what you are basing the insulin dose on is the eaten food going through the digestive process; when it's not digested or only partly digested, you have a mismatch of food and insulin [5] If you're having a particularly rough time with vomiting episodes, you may want to talk with your vet about decreasing the insulin a bit temporarily to avoid possible hypos until the situation with the vomiting is resolved. I16


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