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Iletin 2

Iletin from Eli Lilly. Beef R/Neutral in varying strengths--not highly purified, nor were there any suspension insulins at the time. This is U20 strength in a 20ml vial, circa 1920s-1930s.

Old ad for Iletin insulins.

Eli Lilly's brand name for the beef, beef/pork, [1] and pork insulins it formerly produced. When the company began producing insulin in 1922, it called its insulin derived from bovine pancreas Iletin.[2][3][4][5] Eli Lily announced the discontinuation [6] of the last of its natural Iletin insulins in July 2005.

Iletin Insulins:


Iletin R, Iletin NPH, Iletin Lente, Iletin Ultralente

Mixed-Bovine/beef and Porcine/pork:

Iletin I R, Iletin I Semilente, Iletin I NPH, Iletin I Lente, Iletin I Ultralente

Porcine/pork :

Iletin II R, Iletin II NPH, Iletin II Lente


More information[]

  • 1992 Lilly Insulins Chart
    Contains information on all Iletin insulins listed here except Iletin Ultralente-pure beef Ultralente.