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Humulina NPH
NPH/Isophane by Eli Lilly
U40, U100 isophane
Action in dogs:
  • onset 0.5-3h,
  • peak 2-10h, [1]
  • duration 4-24h [2]
Line: Humulin
Also known as: Humulin I, Huminsulin Basal, Humulin N, Humulin NPH, Humuline N, Humuline NPH, Umuline NPH Humulin ReliOn N
Similar to: Novolin N, Insulatard, Protaphan
Insuhuman Basal, Protaphane, Winthrop Basal
ReliOn/Novolin NPH, Insuman Basal
Isuhuman Basal

Names of Lilly r-DNA/GE/GM insulins worldwide
Use and Handling:
Shelf Life: 24 months Type: cloudy
When Opened: 28 days room temp.
In Pen: 28 days room temp.
Notes: Protect from light and heat
Do Not Freeze, Resuspend
Do not use if product does not re-suspend
Do not use intravenously [3]

NPH insulin time activity profile.

Humulina NPH is an Eli Lilly brand name for their NPH-based insulin product [4]. This insulin is the same as Humulin N, produced by Lilly in the US.

It is an intermediate-acting insulin.

Like all other isophane/protamine suspended insulins, [5] it is a crystalline suspension with protamine.

NPH (Isophane) insulin was originally developed by Novo Nordisk labs in 1946, as an insulin with intermediate action.

This type of insulin tends to have an onset of 2-4 hours, a peak action of 4-10 hours, and a total duration of 10-20 hours, in humans.

Humulin N or generic NPH, and their Novo Nordisk competitor Novolin N, [6] aka Insulatard [7][8][9] and aka Protaphane [10] are available in the USA with no prescription.

In the UK, Humulin N is known as Humulin I ("I" standing for its isophane suspension.); [11][12][13] elsewhere it's called Umuline NPH, Huminsulin Basal and Humuline NPH. Aventis also makes two similar NPH insulins called Insuman Basal [14][15] and Winthrop Basal.

Specifications of NPH/isophane insulin[]

British National Formulary [16] defines this type as: A sterile suspension bovine or porcine or of human insulin in the form of a complex obtained by the addition of protamine sulphate or another suitable protamine.

British Pharmacoepia and United States Pharmacopia definitions: [16]

Isophane Insulin

Sterile buffered suspension of insulin in the form of a complex obtained by addition of suitable protamine. Prepared from crystalline insulin. pH 6.9 - 7.5 iso-osmotic with blood. Contains for each 100 units of insulin, 300 - 600 g protamine sulphate and not more than 40 g zinc, a suitable bactericide and sodium phosphate as buffering agent.

USP specification: Sterile suspension of zinc insulin crystalline and protamine sulphate in buffered water for injection. Solid phase contain crystals of insulin protamine and zinc; 40, 80, 100 units/ml. Contains glycerol, metacresol, phenol sodium phosphate and zinc.

NPH/isophane insulins[]

The following commercial insulins are all generically NPH insulins:

Other commonly used names are:

  • NPH insulin, NPH
  • isophane insulin


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