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FDA Warning Letter to Eli Lilly re: instability of insulin Lispro (Humalog) crystals-10 February 2010
Reuters News story re: Lilly/Humalog Warning Letter-23 February 2010
Humalog 50 50

Humalog Mix 50, also known as Humalog 50/50, in disposable pen form.

This is a 50% insulin lispro, 50% insulin lispro protamine suspension mixed, intermediate-acting Eli Lilly analog insulin. [1] Humalog 50, [2] AKA Humalog 50/50, has a 50% fraction of crystals which consist of a combination of insulin lispro and protamine for suspension.

A study of dogs from 1993-1994 using various fractions of Humalog mixes against human NPH/isophane insulin found only minor differences in the use of Humalog Mix as opposed to NPH/isophane insulin. [3]

Analog Insulins: amino acid sequences[]

Analog Insulin pharmacokinetics[]

These are human activity profiles.


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