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Looking for problems. Dental exam checks both teeth and gums for issues.

Dogs with dental infections may have stubbornly high blood glucose levels. Since it's not always obvious that a tooth is infected, it's possible for this infection to be hidden, and appear only as a mysterious regulation problem. [1][2]

Illness places the body under stress, which can raise blood glucose levels. It also goes to work trying to rid itself of the problem; this causes some hormonal release of some of the same counter-regulatory hormones the body releases when it feels it's being threatened with hypoglycemia. [3] This can make it difficult to keep in good control using the same amount of insulin when there's no illness. Humans with diabetes have "sick day" plans; on those days, more insulin, more blood glucose testing and checking for ketones may be needed.

Ask your vet about dental procedures. Warning: Many vets will refuse to perform a dental procedure on an unregulated diabetic, even if the infection is what's causing the lack of regulation. Yet another vicious circle in diabetes. I16


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