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The insulins listed above will require a prescription. Caninsulin is available in the US under the name Vetsulin. BCP PZI and other PZI insulins can be found at the PZI page. Eli Lilly is now distributing Humalog 50/50 in the US. It is the same as Humalog Mix 50 shown in this category.

The reason why the Hypurin beef and pork insulins from CP Pharma require an Rx or Doctor's Letter of Necessity is because none of CP's insulins are US FDA-approved. Both Vetsulin and ProZinc were approved in the US with prescription-only status. Outside of these exceptions, the rule of thumb for the US is that all analog insulins are Rx required.

Canada: No Rx needed:

Since insulin was discovered in Canada, the law pays tribute to this by stating there is no prescription required for any insulins sold in Canada.

Importing insulin, however, is a bit different. Your vet may be able to obtain manufactured beef insulin from the UK or ProZinc for you through Health Canada's Emergency Drug Release program. [1] With it, you are able to receive up to 6 months worth of insulin; a C$ 50.00 fee for the application is required. [2] If permitted, you would then be eligible to import PZI insulins such as Hypurin Bovine Protamine Zinc, as well as the other insulins produced by CP Pharma which are not already sold there. (Hypurin Pork NPH and Hypurin Pork Regular are sold in Canada without any paperwork needed). The program is similar to Health Canada's Special Access Programme [3] for importing necessary drugs for people.

UK/EU: Rx required:

All insulins are classed as POM (Prescription Only Medication) in the UK. The same is true for most, if not all of the EU--a prescription for any type of insulin is necessary.

Syringes and insulin pen needles[]

Some countries also require a prescription for insulin syringes and/or pen needles.

In the US, whether or not you need a prescription for syringes/pen needles is determined by state, [6] not US, law. The laws of your state will apply re: syringes/pen needles requiring a prescription. If you order syringes or pen needles online, the law of the state where you're ordering them from will apply. If you order from a business whose state does not require a prescription for syringes or pen needles, you will not need one, even if the laws of your state of residence says you do. Conversely, if you live in a state where there's no mandatory prescription for syringes or pen needles and order from a company in a state where a prescription is necessary, you will need one to do business with them.

The difference here, for those in the US, regarding insulins and syringes is that federal law (US-FDA) regulates which insulins are prescription required, but state law governs whether one is needed for syringes and pen needles.

Even if you buy syringes and pen needles from a local pharmacy and don't live in a state which requires a prescription for them, the policy of the pharmacy itself may be to require a prescription for them.

Also see category OTC Status for further information.


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