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From left-insulins Semilente ("S"), Protamine Zinc ("P"), NPH/isophane ("N"), Regular/neutral/normal ("R"), Lente ("L"), and Ultralente ("U").


Porcine insulin compared to Bovine, Human, and Feline versions. Up to three amino acids differ. Porcine and canine insulin are identical [1].

Porcine insulin (from pigs) is an exact amino acid match to that of dogs. [2]

It differs from human insulin in one position. At B #30 on the B insulin chain, dogs and pigs have Alanine, while people have Threonine. It differs from bovine in two positions, both on the A insulin chain: pigs have Threonine at A #8 while cows have Alanine. At the #10 position on the A insulin chain, pigs have Isoleucine--cows have Valine.

Though this shows CP Pharma's Hypurin pork insulins, [3] this information would also apply to Novo's Pork Insulatard, Pork Actrapid, and Pork Mixtard 30. [4][5] They can also be applied to compare these to Lilly's former Iletin II R and Iletin II NPH.

These insulins are natural and entirely or partly derived from pork (pig) sources. Only Iletin I R shown on the list below was a mixture of bovine and porcine insulins; it was composed primarily of beef (apx. 85/90%).

This means that they are identical to canine natural insulin, and a bit closer to feline than human insulin is.

Many humans also prefer porcine-based insulins, which are claimed by some to give a clearer warning of impending low blood sugar than the comparable human GE and analog insulins.

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See also bovine insulins.


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