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Dedicated to explaining aspects of canine diabetes and its treatment. Learning the "mechanics" of diabetes means your dog CAN lead a normal, active and healthy life with your help.

What's Here:

Information about diabetes, how to manage it, information about insulins, and about other conditions which can be related to diabetes. If this is the beginning of your journey with canine diabetes, this is a good place to start:

Statistics and Symptoms

Statistics say 1 in 500 dogs will develop canine diabetes. It stops being a statistic when the dog we're talking about is yours.
Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs

While it's normally a disease of middle-aged and older dogs, there are some youngsters who are coping with it too. Whether your dog is a senior or a pup, we welcome you to read and to share your experiences with canine diabetes!

Do You Need To Learn?

How to draw insulin? How to inject insulin? About syringes?

Medication Warnings

Some medications can interfere with insulin and may cause either Hyperglycemia or Hypoglycemia.
Read about them here.

Insulin Database

The database of past and present insulins and terms used when talking about insulins is here.

Ad Scam Alert

'"Remedies", "cures" and "treatments" from scammers may appear in ads on this wiki.'The scammers and charlatans are out there.
Read more about these "cures" and how to protect your pet against them starting here.

It's Duffy!

Duffy and her family want you to know that you can live a normal, happy life with diabetes.
Duffy's book is called Duffy's Dilemma.

Vetsulin Critical Need Program

For patients who can't use other insulins:

The video is about 20 minutes long.

FDA Warning Letter to Eli Lilly

Regarding the instability of Humalog crystals

Reuters News story-February 23, 2010

Pfizer Discontinues Insuvet insulins

Insuvet beef insulins are discontinued.

Diabetes monitorig and diagnosis testing methods

  • A1C testing is now available for cats and dogs from Baycom Diagnostics. A1C has been the gold standard test in humans for 20 years.
  • Pet specific glucose meters are available from AlphaTrak and Ultimed. Don't use human glucose meters they will give you inaccurate results.
  • Fructosamine is a test that is similar to A1C but only gives a 2 week glucose average and can give false positive results. Ask your Vet for A1C.
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