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PZI by BCP Veterinary Pharmacy
U40, U50, U100 protamine
Action in dogs:
  • onset 8-20h,
  • peak Xh,
  • duration Xh rarely used [1][2]
Line: N/A
Also known as: Beef PZI
Similar to: Hypurin Vet Protamine Zinc in U100 strength,

Hypurin Bovine Protamine Zinc in U100 strength,
Insuvet Protamine Zinc in U100 strength,

Use and Handling:
Shelf Life: 6 months Type: cloudy
When Opened: XX days
In Pen: N/A
Notes: Protect from light and heat
Do Not Freeze, store at 2-8C, Resuspend
Do not use if product does not re-suspend 
Do not use intravenously [3]
Human Activity Profiles Various Insulins

BCP PZI is all bovine; its activity profile would be similar to that of Hypurin Bovine PZI, shown here.

BCP PZI is a bovine-origin PZI-based compounded insulin. Because it's beef based, its amino acid chain is almost the same as that of a cat, so it's especially well-matched to cats. PZI is rarely used in dogs but is considered when other insulins are not effective. [4] Like other insulins, BCP PZI is nrmally administered twice a day. The insulin is made exactly as Lilly did when it was still producing pure beef Protamine Zinc insulin. [5]

To obtain BCP PZI, your veterinarian calls or faxes a prescription (a script) to the phone numbers shown on the BCP Internet site (see the source information below). After the script is placed, you call BCP with a credit card number and BCP ships the insulin to you overnight for delivery Tuesday through Friday. If you want the insulin left without a delivery signature, you should ask BCP for that.

Your vet can order BCP PZI in a U40, U50, or U100 formulation. Some BCP PZI users have their vets order the U40 or U50 strengths and they convert units [6] to administer it in a U100 syringe. BCP PZI is available in 5ml and 10ml vials. A recent price of a 10ml 40U bottle was $29, plus $11 shipping ($40 total).

Shelf life: 6 months.

Handling: You should refrigerate BCP PZI when it is not in use. If you happen to leave it out for one night, most report no problems.

Technical details[]

PZI contains more zinc and protamine than NPH/isophane insulin and it is primarily the extra protamine which gives it its long-acting duration.[7] The additional protamine in the suspension [8] must first be broken down by proteolytic enzymes AKA proteases, [9] before the insulin in PZI can be absorbed. NPH/isophane insulin contains less protamine than PZI does and because there's less, it is an intermediate-acting insulin.

No Combining For PZI

Protamine Zinc PZI [10] insulin cannot be combined with other insulins, due to the amount of protamine in the insulin's formula [11][12].


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